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Silly Questions People Ask Floridians

Silly Questions People Ask FloridiansI’m a native Floridian. But, I’ve also been a flight attendant, and I’ve had a second home in Scottsdale, AZ, for several years. Needless to say, I’ve been around this country – and this world, for that matter. However, I never fail to get a good chuckle from the silly questions people ask Floridians!

Consequently, here’s one popular question: “Is anyone actually from Florida?”

Well, the answer is yes. I can say that, without a doubt, I was born and raised right here in Florida. And most of my family members were, too. I can’t speak for the rest of the residents of Florida, however. But, I suspect there might be a few more like me around the state! (smile)

Silly Questions People Ask Floridians

So, if you plan to live here one day, you might want answers to a few silly questions people ask Floridians.

After all, these answers may be the difference between you moving here…or not! (Well, not really, but it’s actually kind of fun writing this light-hearted blog…)

Therefore, without further delay…here we go…

Silly Questions People Ask Floridians“Do you go to Disney World every weekend?”  Ummm, no. Even though Orlando — with Disney and the other theme parks — is only 90 minutes from my home in Palm Coast, I prefer the “other” Florida. Consequently, I love the beach, beautiful nature areas, and the kindness and generosity of my friends and neighbors. And scrumptious food at local restaurants! Floridians typically stay away from the touristy places. But, we might take our kids or grandchildren there once in a while. Just for kicks. (Read one of my past blogs, “Florida Palm Coast Attractions,” for a few alternatives, right here in Palm Coast.)


Silly Questions People Ask Floridians


“Do you spend every day at the beach?”  Although that’s a very tempting thing to do in this virtual paradise, I DO need to spend time playing tennis. And I know lots of people who love to golf and fish, too. OH…and let’s not forget…we Floridians DO have bills to pay, like you. So, we often go to work like the rest of the country. 



Silly Questions People Ask Floridians“Don’t you get tired of the same weather year ’round?” Hmmmmm…is this a trick question? Short answer – no. However, this question needs further explanation. First, I have to say, honestly, that I’ve never longed to be in one of the snowstorms I see on TV happening in the northern states, while I’m going about my life on a sunny (or even cloudy or rainy) day with temps in the 60’s to 70+ in November, January, and February. That said, you now know that it’s not crazy hot and humid the entire year in Florida. In fact, take a look at the average monthly temps in Palm Coast, here.  

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Hopefully, I’ve answered a few of the questions about Florida that have been keeping you up at night! Why not take a trip down here to meet with me and see the REAL Florida — with a native Floridian?

I’m happy to help you realize your dream of living in this amazing paradise…affectionately referred to as “The Sunshine State!”

I look forward to helping you become a Floridian, just like me!

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